Mixed/Ladies Pairs

2023 Mixed Pairs

Mixed/Ladies Pairs    Saturday 24th June

There are presently only 9 entries to this competition ... names listed below.

This is particularly disappointing as the competition was extended to allow 2 ladies to enter as a pair.

Not such entry has been received.

In order to play the competition on a round robin basis, as in recent years, a minimum of 12 entries is required. If this level is not reached, as long as 8 entries are confirmed, a straight knockout may be played. Otherwise, this competition cannot be held.

Entries received at this time are:

Penhaligon M/Moseby D Bristow Z & I Woodward S/Wilson P

Aitkin C/Woodward A Dolmore C/Heath N Grantham G & B

Brophy S/Gagg M Evans S/Quayle S Welch J/Anderson M

Additional entries will be accepted during tournament week. The final entry  must be an even number. The last entry received may be asked to withdraw if necessary.

Intending participants must report to the tournament office at Torquay B.C. by 9.30am when the draw will be made.

Apologies for any inconvenience but the matter is outside the control of the organiser.


  Pat Wilson & Steve Woodward  12  v 11 Maggie Molloy & Bernie Sleeman